My sassy girl - Nice, but not a tearjerker for me :)

I just finished watching the movie, and i gotta say that this movie was really really nice, but not enough for me to cry about. I thought that the story was really good, portrayed very well and the actors were brilliant.

With the “girl” i loved her acting skills, a variety of awesome scenes from crying to to her drunken scenes. I like romance, and i love the way Koreans productions never fail to impress me, tho i have been only watching k dramas and movies for a few months now. I was sad that was no kissing scene, cos in Korean productions it tops off a movie, and considering he got naked and we had too see that(did not like that part) i thought they cudve kissed.

Unlike American and English movies, which are considered to be the best, the romance movies i always find them to be waaay too predictable. Yet Korean productions always suorise me, the endings and other scenes. The scene where she goes to the tree and there was an old man there.i thought its him just older, but why is she still young? Then realising that its like the stories she wrote, even though no real, i loved that.And the ending, bravo.

I loved that cos it made us lead to the point that they wudnt be linked like that but they were. Twi cousinsz same girl.

8/10. Nice, overrated, good story good acting, well directed. No tears though :)

Also, watch out for more movie and drama reviews, im really getting into em :)



It has literally just been 10 minutes since I finished watching the tear jerker Korean Movie, A Moment to Remember.


Do not be fooled when I say “tear jerker”. I literally mean you gasping for air, crying constantly like a baby and your sticky “sipon” all over your face (ew). I wanted to…

i just finished watching it, im a guy and MY feels were All over the place. Cannot stop crying, man this movie.

I recently stayed up late to watch only my 2nd ever kdrama, being a short 4 1hr long episodes . Adolescence medley was just brilliant. Romantic, relatable, and has just wondeful acting imo. This made me change my views on dramas. The next day i watched 4 movies which were all romance, cos i like Korean romance drams and movies, they pull it off much better than others (usa uka etc. kwak dang yeon is the same age as me, and i am older than him, one month/two older. He did an absolute wonderful job as the actor lead in this and i thought every scene in the eps were just perfect and all eye catching, rarely i wanted to skip forward abit( the odd skip as sometimes too much closeup lol). Lee se young. Wow. I thought she did a fantastic job and to be hindest im falling inove with her. Now i just watch dramas and look for movies with her in it. My wife soyou, dw its only about dramas, ur still my number one girl. But i love kdramas and movies now and ive watched 8 hrs of Korean acting over the past 24 hours. I love romance, and Koreans pull these off brilliantly. Thank you adolescent medley, u got me addicted finally into Korean acting :)