140912 나 혼자 산다.E70-소유컷 [Hy].ts


I really loved T-ara’s Sugar Free, guess you could say that it was a typical tara song, since all of their songs are awesome songs that u can easily play at dance clubs. If the sound it broken, no need to fix it. It was awesome. The first min of the MV was gonna give me a seizure, but then it calmed down a bit :D 

Boram - i loved her, really was so pretty in the MV. nothing new there.

Eunjung - man she is so frickin beautiful. nothing new there too.

Jiyeon - I THOUGHT SHE was THE ONE in this MV. She really blew my mind in this MV. Defo my Tara bias. Nothing new there too too.

Hyomin - I thought she was her sexy self, didnt see as much of her as i wanted, and i really think her blonde or dark black hair suits her better. BUT so sexy anyway. Nothing new there either.

QRi - i thought she really brought herself into gaining more popularity with her look in this MV. Stunning. nothing new there.

Soyeon - I love her. nothing new there.

The MV was good, really good. apart from the seizure. They all are so beautiful. They typical tara song. CLUB SONG. SEXY. AWESOME SOUND. 

Nothing new there :D